New Horizons: Plans for the next few months

Hello, and if you're reading this thank you.. because my blog is fairly new and doesn't get much traction. Anyway, onto the topic. I'd like to discuss some of my music plans. So let's get right into it. 1#: Finish Daydreams   If you've been following me for even a little while now you will … Continue reading New Horizons: Plans for the next few months


Pre-Release Album Commentary: Inspiration Hello! Before the album releases on the 14th Feb I'm going to offer some commentary on the backstory and inspiration behind it. The project began in September without much of a clear direction but with an aim to break some boundaries and try something new. The first tracks were wildly different from the current … Continue reading Pre-Release Album Commentary: Inspiration

The Desert Sky Releasing on February 14th! STREAMABLE

Hello! I'm pleased to announce 'The Desert Sky' will be released this valentines day! This project went through lots and lots of change but this time it's finally here and it's available for pre-order + streaming over on bandcamp. I think it's some of the best music I've ever made and I think you'll love … Continue reading The Desert Sky Releasing on February 14th! STREAMABLE

3 License Songs Released!

Recently I proposed I had 3 brand new license songs to release for use in any and all kinds of projects. Well here they are! Down by the River is a nice, chill little indie track with a bit of a stoner feel and a Mac Demarco-esque chorus. Somewhere Somehow is intense space-rock, … Continue reading 3 License Songs Released!

Music Mix: Discovering other cool artists

Welcome to a new weekly blog post where I discover other artists on Soundcloud and share some of the great new music coming out.  The first is Neuton Mouse, who crafts exciting, spacey tracks. The track The Final Parsec is really badass and catchy stuff. He is also a game developer! I was also … Continue reading Music Mix: Discovering other cool artists