2017: Return to blogging and updates!

Hi all,

It’s been a while since I wrote a blog post and if you were here before then you know there have been some changes. Namely that the name used to be ‘Indigo Lizard Audio’.. Real life happened and I took a little break from composition. But now I’m back, and since September have been very productive. That means:


3 albums worth of music:

Daydreams, an experimental offering utilising an array of ethnic sounds, coming this summer.

Hope: an orchestral album, with many tracks which are old and now made new.


Sea of Dreams, a collection of the best game tracks! (more info on this later)

These will all be released on Bandcamp, and hopefully later on Spotify and iTunes. In total I’ve created around 70 new compositions since September, which isn’t bad at all.

I’m also putting the finishing touches on the OST for kickstarter mobile game ‘Islands of Chaos’, here’s a teaser of one of the tracks. 


Other than that, it’s worth mentioning I took the plunge and moved from Pro Tools to Ableton Live, a move I am thoroughly happy with. It has increased my productivity two fold not having to deal with constant crashes (among other issues).

image of ableton.png

Finally, I’m going to return to blogging! That means a new blog every week, whether it is related to composition, album reviews, video gaming, or something random. Hopefully it’ll be educational and entertaining.

Anyway, that’s all for now, see you soon,

Mighty Acorn



My Personal Biography

About Me 

I grew up in a small village in Cornwall and hadn’t really properly left until I was at least 13-14. Life is a bit different there, but of course it’s home. After finishing school I didn’t know what the hell to do. But my brother had given me a guitar and my interest in music was flourishing. I even had a little industrial rock band called Hybrid Salvation. A couple of friends and I recorded an album using Pro Tools and I started to know a thing or two about Music Production. So I thought “what the heck, let’s do it at college”.

Home! You can always see the monument around Redruth and Camborne.

I then spent 2 years learning the intricacies of music production, learning to use professional audio equipment, mixing desks.. microphones, etc. And also learning the philosophies and techniques to make great music. I also began learning some music theory and that of course didn’t hurt. About a year into my course I got involved in another band, this time playing 6 string bass. We weren’t too bad but of course, I was 17, and the band didn’t really go anywhere. Still some fun times were to be had and I had earned my diploma with a distinction!

Cornwall college. I would see this giant building everyday. I have some fond and some not so fond memories of this place.

I then questioned what I wanted to do.. I am interested in producing music, but my interest in composing it is becoming bigger. And I also didn’t like the idea of going to uni to be 9k+ in debt. Well I decided to move to Plymouth to study, as this was what my brothers did. I’m not sure it was the best decision. I spent another 2 years on a music production degree programme, and although the information was invaluable, at times I found my course rather dull, not to mention I didn’t like my student digs. But regardless, I stuck through it.

Plymouth Hoe! Some beautiful scenery to be found on the seafront.

I also started making music for my housemates games! And this was where it all started. He made roughly 7 or 8 games and I made the music for all of them. It was brilliant fun, and he convinced me to go to some Game Jams. I went to a couple and met some really interesting game devs. It got me interested in games as a medium again and from there I became a little obsessed with game audio. I ended up producing some music for some of these game jams and also started to spend a lot of time mixing my tracks in the studios at the uni.

Goods Out, PC. A great little game created by Harry and Arin from Plymouth, some game developers I had the pleasure to work with.

I finished my 2 years in Plymouth and had 1 year of study to go.. so I decided to do something crazy – to move to Brighton. I thought that there would be more opportunity for a game composer there, and quite frankly wanted a change of scenery! In September 2015 I moved, and quite luckily found my accommodation on the day I decided to visit. – phew. But something again was missing from my course, and it became much more about the philosophies of music then anything practical. Unfortunately I am a practical person! 

Brighton Pier. I definitely had some great times in Brighton. It’s an exciting city for sure.

I did have one exciting module where I chose to experiment with 3d audio and virtual reality. And I loved Brighton, it was a cheerful and slightly barmy place, but it felt like home more than Plymouth. I also met my girlfriend – who is French (more on that later). I carried on with my course but eventually starting skipping lectures, and I also had issues with the very high London prices rent – and an issue with a landlord stealing my deposit put me under serious financial pressure.

Thus, a trip down job-lane!. I had to get a bunch of pretty crappy jobs to pay the rent and was working 6 days a week. My course fell to the wayside and before I knew it I’d missed my dissertation submission. After that things went a bit awry and I was working until January when I decided that I wasn’t moving in a good direction or towards my goal of doing music for games – or at least something cool with music. I left with my girlfriend for Cornwall and we had a think about what we wanted. I began making music again, this time with more passion, and by May I’d created 70 new songs. I was really prolific again and that brought me a great deal of happiness, more so than anything I got out of my degree.

J and M
Experimenting with 3d audio in virtual reality

We decided a move would be great, to start working towards self employment, somewhere where there would be opportunity. Of course having a French girlfriend had it’s perks and we moved to her place in Provence, south of France. As I write this I’m slowly adjusting to French life and still doing lots of music, improving my skills everyday! I’ve also got 3 albums on the way, chock-o-block full of game music and fantasy goodness.

This is me, of course. Well a slightly hairier than usual version of me.


If you enjoyed this blog post, be sure to comment! I will be further expanding on everything I learnt during my studies and also independently (which is quite a lot actually!).

See you soon,

Mighty Acorn

Website Re-Design

Hi there,

We’ve recently decided to update the website. The new site will feature a variety of new sections and the blogs will also change their focus to a more ‘news’ style approach, giving you the latest updates in a quick manner. This is to match the increased professionalism of our work. Stick around, it’s going to be epic.


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