Music Mix: Discovering other cool artists

Welcome to a new weekly blog post where I discover other artists on Soundcloud and share some of the great new music coming out.  The first is Neuton Mouse, who crafts exciting, spacey tracks. The track The Final Parsec is really badass and catchy stuff. He is also a game developer! I was also... Continue Reading →


Weekly License Track 1 and more! Epic Space Game Music

Hello, The first track from the Weekly License Track challenge is now on Soundcloud! Check it out! This one is grand and features epic guitars and synths. It was partly inspired by Pink Floyd and the early Halo soundtracks. The result is an intense journey through the cosmos. This track is available for FREE... Continue Reading →

New Challenge + free license music!

Hello again!, Just a quick blog post this time to mention that I will now be posting a new track weekly to my Soundcloud for my 'Music for Licensing' playlist. Every other week the track will be available for free download and use within your project! These will be miscellaneous pieces for games, adverts and... Continue Reading →

blog: News updates & more

Hello there! Been a little while since the last blog post. After finishing up Sea of Dreams, a game music compilation album, I've had a bit of a break from commissioning and started to produce my own solo work. This has happened naturally and the end result is the Habitation EP, a collection of 6... Continue Reading →


Ahoy there! I'm happy to announce I have finished my new game music compilation album and it is available on bandcamp! Here is the description: 'Sea of Dreams is a compilation album in a fantasy style. The music was written throughout 2016-2017. Many of the tracks currently feature in games, others were solo pieces. Sit... Continue Reading →

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