Weekly update: 28/04/2019 (+ 1 new full track!)

Hi! Just another quick weekly update. I’ve achieved a bit less on the Environments project this week, and finding some things a bit more challenging. Namely, the difficulty in finishing the song structures. As I started the songs in autumn 2017 it's been a challenging to draw them out into fully fledged songs. So to … Continue reading Weekly update: 28/04/2019 (+ 1 new full track!)


Weekly update: 21/04/2019 + 1 new demo!

Hi there, This blog is going to be a bit hectic as I’ve got lots of updates to share. First up, my new project ‘Environments’. Inspired by nature, each track promises to take you somewhere around the world. There are around 15 tracks so far, so this project could take a little while to finish. … Continue reading Weekly update: 21/04/2019 + 1 new demo!

Pre-Release Album Commentary: Inspiration

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tlMDrfAKe7E&feature=youtu.be Hello! Before the album releases on the 14th Feb I'm going to offer some commentary on the backstory and inspiration behind it. The project began in September without much of a clear direction but with an aim to break some boundaries and try something new. The first tracks were wildly different from the current … Continue reading Pre-Release Album Commentary: Inspiration