Daydreams Album Update!


It’s been a while since I’ve mentioned Daydreams, the album I’m writing. Lot’s of progress has been made recently and I’d like to share some of it. A few developments have led to the album being slightly delayed, with the possible release now being late summer/autumn. 5 processes are taking longer:

  1. Arrangement. Re-listening to many of the songs it is apparent there are too many melodies going on at the same time and a simpler approach was necessary. The tracks have now been stripped back, only keeping the vital elements, and it is sounding far more powerful, emotional and grand than before. Indeed, the track count was around 16 for every track, however, through clever orchestration and assigning the write melodies to thee right instruments, we are now down to around 8 per track which is of course far easier to mix and master!
  2. Drum programming. Upon re-listening it appeared that there was a lack of dynamics. This was partly due to the drum programming. There was a lack of interesting parts and as a result it didn’t feel like the songs were ‘moving’ anywhere. Working on more interesting rhythm sections has greatly improved the dynamics and made each section more dramatic.
  3. Velocity and humanisation. There was far too much quantisation in certain areas. Replaying in parts and working on manually adjusting each velocity has greatly improved the realism and thus overall emotional impact of the songs.
  4. Automation and panning. Taking a closer look at the stereo spectrum it was apparent that it could have a wider sound. Thus I have taken the time to make sure everything fits nicely in the stereo field and that the music is wide, expansive and has its own ‘space’. Automation was also another important mixing element that I slightly overlooked, and adding volume on chorus’ has certainly helped.
  5. Ranges. Some instruments were playing in ranges which weren’t physically possible for the instrument. Something as small as this can greatly reduce the realism of a piece.


And there you have it. Certainly reworking these elements requires a lot more effort, but the result so far has been worth it. Hopefully in the next few months the album will ship shape and ready for release.

Mighty Acorn


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