Hi there and welcome!

I’m a composer for media. I write soundtracks of all kinds: electronic, orchestral.. rock or pop.

Are you a game developer, advertiser, film producer or new media user? Well I’m glad you’re here. I want to soundtrack your next success. Have a look around the website, check out my work and if you want drop me an email!



Austin Frozee

“Dude it sounds great! Very reminiscent of that Nintendo 64 era which is perfect.”

Emre Ucan 

“actually awesome”


“So very impressed with the speed and quality of the music. Perfect for what I wanted in my app. Thanks so much!”

Scott Redrup – Brainy Beard

“I have worked with Jordan on a number of games over the last three years and I believe he is one to keep an eye on for the future. Not only is he exceptional at creating unique and effective compositions, but it’s his ability to understand and produce exactly what the client wants, with relatively limited information that impresses me most. He’s the type of character that as a project manager, you love working with, as you can leave him to his own devices and be certain that he will provide the goods. Conversely, he is also excellent at accepting and adapting to criticism, and seeing him respond to this and improve as a musician has been incredible”

Harry Jenkins (indie game dev)

“Jordan always delivers high quality work, even on a strict deadline”


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