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Jordan Plummeridge, Composer

Cannes, France

Composition Experience

Islands of Chaos

Created the soundtrack for a mobile kickstarter game. They required 5 tracks in an ethnic, african influenced style. We also included a faster paced track for the last minute of the ‘Rolly Ball’ minigame.

Advertising Track

Created a business advertising track for a graphics design company. This was designed to fit the background of a corporate video.

Advertising intro

Created an audio intro for Dasmi, an online business. The audio was synced with the video.

Gone Wandering

Created the main theme for a nintendo 64 influenced game where you catch butterflies. The music was widely praised.

Arkas Ship

Created an epic, orchestral theme for a Turkish developer.

World of Hex

Created 2 tracks in an electronic style for education game company pcklsoft. The game has so far done well in the iOS marketplace with many players.

Goods Out

Worked on the main theme for Ludum Dare game, ‘Goods Out’, a forklift party game.

Gym Training Music

Designed training music of roughly 5 minutes for a local gym.



Audio and Music Production FdA

  • Plymouth University

Music Production Diploma

– Cornwall College



Volunteer Technician

    • dBs Music


Pro Tools 101-201

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